The BRAUN Worldbid Process

Timeline: 1 week – Introduction/Market Research
Seller and/or Broker discuss with BRAUN its WorldBid platforms and bespoke marketing campaign.  BRAUN immediately begins the research process: researching comparables, sold properties, local/regional/national market, and specific items that make your property unique.  BRAUN instantaneously begins work on your behalf to determine the appropriate sale range of the property.  BRAUN will provide you with all of the information needed to make an informed decision regarding your property.

Timeline: 1 -3 days – Contract Execution
Seller and BRAUN come to a mutual decision on Auction Methodology, Auction Date, Marketing Budget, and Marketing Tactics.  The contract is signed, and BRAUN’s WorldBid auction process begins immediately.

Timeline: 3-10 days – Marketing/Asset Creation
Immediately after contract execution, BRAUN’s experienced marketing team creates a tactical set of marketing assets for you, branding your property as unique, and positioning it as the best investment in your market.

Timeline: 30-75 Days – Marketing Tactic Launch/Direct Contact to Buyers
The BRAUN team hits the ground running on your behalf.  Following marketing asset creation, these assets are strategically deployed to buyers and intenders in your market.  Additionally, our experienced sales team immediately starts contacting potential buyers and brokers in your target market.  We leave no stone unturned, and will locate the right buyer for your property.

Timeline: On or before the 30-75th day – AUCTION DAY
Depending on the Auction Methodology selected, the property may sell prior to the auction date, or the auction will take place live on site, telephonically, via the internet, or through a sealed bid process.  BRAUN’s proprietary WorldBid platform allows bidding at any time, from anywhere in the world.  We receive the highest bid, buyer executes the purchase contract immediately and provides their 10% deposit to escrow within 24 hours of acceptance.

Just six simple steps, 10-45 days later, your property closes escrow and you receive your funds.

Beginning to end, the BRAUN WorldBid process takes no longer than 60-120 days.

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