What Is Hybrid Brokerage?

Only Braun offers Hybrid Brokerage, a program that allows the Seller to first list the property for sale. If the property does not sell by the time the Seller desires or with the terms the Seller desires, then the Seller may convert the listing to Braun’s WorldBid sales platform, thus ensuring continuity of the sales process, buyer pool and desired results within Seller’s timeframe.

Our Hybrid Brokerage program was developed to put the seller back in the “driver’s seat” and deliver optimal sales results in our ever-changing real estate market. The Hybrid is all about options, and no two Hybrid Brokerage programs are exactly the same — each program is customized to meet the client’s specific needs.

Sellers choose the time frame which works best for them and the marketability of their property. Our experts can easily redirect to an alternate sales method without missing a beat.

Hybrid Brokerage Benefits

• Ability to utilize the power of Braun’s brokerage process and/or our Worldbid sales platform.
• Custom recommendations provided by Braun’s expert Valuation Team
• If the property isn’t sold, you can convert to our Worldbid sales platform, ensuring the property is sold by the date of your choosing
• The Seller picks the timeframe to sell
• Full marketing and buyer continuity throughout the sales process

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