Braun is renowned for our success in the real estate auction industry, but we also provide a unique, enhanced brokerage service that goes far above traditional brokerage. Meet Braun’s Brokerage PLUS. Our brokerage services offer a fully integrated level of service and expertise from the day you sign the contract to the day of the close of escrow.

At Braun, we help you determine the optimal timeframe to sell your property, and provide you with a custom sales platform based on your goals. Only Braun’s Brokerage PLUS program allows you to continue your relationship with your existing broker, while adding the benefits of the Brokerage PLUS program to ensure an expedited sale and maximum sales price.

Braun’s Brokerage PLUS platform includes all of the traditional brokerage benefits, plus:

Braun launches a worldwide marketing campaign designed to reach every conceivable buyer across every conceivable medium. Buyers benefit from our cutting-edge technology, with the ability to submit offers online as well as through traditional methods. Braun’s network of highly-qualified brokers is able to provide unprecedented local market knowledge throughout the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean.
Braun only represents you, the Seller. We will never represent the Buyer, because that can create a conflict of interest. Our goal is to devote 100% of our attention to your sale and your property only. Our buyer and investor pool spans from your next-door neighbor to North America, Asia, the Middle East, plus more.
The Brokerage PLUS platform is supported by our world-class valuation expertise, providing fully-integrated strategy to your real estate sales. Listing commissions can be as low as 1%.

Only Braun offers our exclusive Hybrid Brokerage Service. This service allows the Seller to initially list the property for sale. If the property does not sell by the time the Seller desires, the Seller may convert the listing at any time to Braun’s Worldbid Auction platform. This unique service allows the best of both worlds, ensures the continuity of the sales process and produces desired results within the timeframe of the Sellers choosing.

More and more property owners, trusted advisors, investors, banks, trustees and fiduciaries are entrusting their real estate decisions to Braun’s team of global real estate experts. Call us today at 866.568.6638 to learn how we can be a resource to you.

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